Sensory Integration

 What is Simage-containerensory Integration?

Sensory Integration is a part of occupational therapy

Many parents get confused with the term  sensory issues or sensory processing disorder. The terms are different but they mean same.

Occupational Therapist assess 7 senses of our body namely-

  • Visual – seeing
  • Auditory- hearing   
  • Tactile- touch
  •  Olfactory- smell
  • Gustatory- taste
  • Vestibular- balance
  •  Proprioceptive- info from muscles


The 2 parts mainly to understand are

1)      Whether the child registers proper sensory input

2)      Modulation/Processing of these sensory input- using information to apply and adjust in one’s environment

Many activities require us to use different senses at the same time. Generally, as kids grow, they learn to process different inputs simultaneously; learn to focus on/prioritise different senses for that activity and to ignore other inputs.

But some children have difficulties registering and processing different sensory stimuli together affecting their routine, academics, daily life or social life.

Some of the sensory issues:

  •  Poor coordination- clumsy, awkward
  • Hyper-sensitive or under responsive to lights, sounds, touch or movement- haircut, barefoot walk, sand, water, park rides, fire-crackers, flickering lights, etc.D
  • Difficulty learning new things/ toy/concept
  • Poor body awareness
  • Difficulty using both hands together- playing ball, lacing, buttoning, sharpening pencil
  • Stick to rigid routines
  • Fussy/ picky eatersV
  • Very distractible/ short attention span
  • Impulsive
  • Poor social skills
  • Delay in speech or motor milestones
  • Meltdowns or temper tantrums

** This is just simplified explanation. Kindly consult with your Occupational Therapist before taking any decision or for any doubts.