Developmental Assessments

Developmental Assessments Prayatna

We also do developmental assessments as per the concerns of child where we check if child’s development is on par with his age. In short, we try to determine the difference between child’s chronological age and his/her functional age.

Based on the reportparents will be later referred to either our O.Tist, Speech therapist or a clinical psychologist for the same.

We at Prayatna try to narrow that age difference and make the child as functionally independent as possible.


 Assessment tools:

  •          Clinical observation
  •          Parental interviews
  •          Standardised assessment tools (scales/questionnaires)
  •          Non standardised tests


What skills are assessed?

Childs performance in

  •          Gross motor skills
  •          Fine motor skills
  •          Sensory integration
  •          Soft neurological signs
  •          Visual perception
  •          Handwriting
  •          Cognition
  •          Executive functions
  •          Self care skills
  •          Social skills