Weight Control Program for Mothers

Food and nutrition plays an important role in making lifestyle choices essential for a strong, fit, active body and mind. The key is to devise a workable plan that balances your diet by making right food choices, adopting effective ways to incorporate them in daily diet and a satisfactory level of exercise! Health Optima is such an endeavor that provides best health solutions to bring wellness for a lifetime...it lays a slow but strong foundation of holistic approach towards well being via simple means- “FOOD”!

We brings optimum customized solutions for one and all seeking nutritional help (via diet using tasty and healthy recipes) for various lifestyle health problems and food research:


  • Watch Your Weight
  • Deal With Diabetes
  • Tackle Thyroid
  • Cut The Cholesterol
  • Heal Your Heart
  • Overcome Osteoporosis
  • Banish Blood Pressure
  • Put On Some Weight
  • Manage Menopause
  • Avoid Anemia
  • Post Pregnancy Weight Management
  • Perfect Pregnancy
  • Lovely Lactation


  • Consultation by appointments only.

*All nutrition programs are available through electronic media.


  1. Personalised diet for various health concerns.
  2. Healthy recipes provided along with the diet with a 15 day follow up routine to track progress.
  3. Detailed dietary guidelines provided.
  4. Online consultation, telecounselling and queries/doubts attained 24 hours throughout Tuesday-Sunday between 11 am -5 pm..