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Nikisha Kapasi Prayatna Counselling

Mrs. Nikisha Dharmesh Kapasi

Founder –Prayatna Early Intervention Program.

About Me

Mrs. Nikisha Dharmesh Kapasi
Founder –Prayatna Early Intervention Program.

Mrs. Nikisha Kapasi has pursued her M.S.(Counseling and Psychotherapy) along with a Diploma in Remedial Education. She has also pursued various certificate courses to update her knowledge on various techniques that makes learning a simpler process for children with developmental concerns. She has been practicing as a Remedial Educator and counseling parents to enhance the child’s socio emotional developments. She has been Counselling Neurotypical children for Behavior concerns, Nocturnal Enuresis, Depression, Stress, etc. without giving any medicines.

She is the Founder of Prayatna-_Early Intervention program where the team of professionals constantly thrive to meet age appropriate developments of a child be it cognitive, emotional or social . Apart from parents and family members, many pediatric doctors, educators of preschool seek timely consultations from her on the appropriate ways to face the concerns of children and to eliminate them .

 She has presented a paper in the National Conference of Inclusion in Delhi 2017. Her topic was Early Intervention – Key to Inclusion. This paper has also been published in a Resource book “Inclusive Education Practices”- SEIDI. She creates a lot of awareness at public places regarding Social Inclusion of Blessed children. She believes that Every child is special and has to be catered differently.

Dr. Dhara Desai- Prayatna Counselling Staff

Dr. Dhara Desai

Masters in Occupational Therapy 

About Me

Dr. Dhara Desai is a registered Occupational Therapist with the All India Occupational Therapist’s Association (AIOTA) as well as the Maharashtra OT/PT Council. She has received a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from T.N.M.C and BYL Nair Charitable Hospital (MUMBAI) in Developmental Disabilities.

In addition to mainstream education, Dr. Dhara has achieved certificates in Sensory Integration, Autism, Clinical observations in Clinical reasoning, Handwriting Intervention & Handling Techniques, Braingym movements in children, Handwriting without Tears and Behaviours in children with Autism spectrum . She also conducts workshops and lectures for parents and children at our centre. She has been working with children having Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Learning difficulties, Handwriting difficulties, Down’s Syndrome, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Sensory Dysfunction, academic difficulties etc. since 2007.

Currently, she has been an active team member at Prayatna Early Intervention Program since 2014. She evaluates and designs customised therapy programmes as a Senior Occupational Therapist in our Interdisciplinary team. Currently, she undertakes both individual and group therapy sessions. She also provides home visits to clients in special cases.

Parita Sharma

Directress in Montessori Early Childhood Education- University of Irvine, California

Supervising and Training Adults - Cerritos College, California 

Director in Early Childhood Education - Cerritos College, California

GRL Generated Resource Learning- MGIS, India

M.A. in Clinical Psychology - IGNOU, India

About Me

Inspiring the inspiration
I believe knowledge is shared and not given. Humans are natural learners and have a very strong urge for learning and inventing. I see my self as a student, more than a coach, constantly striving to learn and share. Currently, I am working as a Life Coach with Prayatna Early Intervention Center and inspire children, teenagers, adults, parents to achieve their goals and live a fuller life.

Experience in the field of coaching in a different area of human development and growth catering to all ages prenatal to grandparents, kindergartners to young adults for 20 years.

 Prayatna Twinkle Thakkaris

Twinkle Thakkaris

About Me

Ms. Twinkle Thakkaris  a graduate in psychology with master‘s in children & young people’s mental health and psychological practice from University of Edinburgh, UK.  She has done specialization in counselling psychology from St. Xavier’s Mumbai.

Her role at Prayatna involves facilitating client particularly parents/families to understand the needs of their child better, recognize negative patterns of functioning and adapting healthier narrative towards life. Moreover, she is passionate about engaging with children/adolescents and therefore she also wears the hat of child counsellor, special educator and life skills coach. Her approach towards counselling is primarily person centered with a mix of cognitive behavior therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy and narrative therapy.

Besides this, my educational background also prepared me well for research papers and presentations - the most recent one being (‘A Quantitative and Qualitative Study: Barriers and Facilitators to Engagement in Psychotherapies from Clients’ Perspective’). Lastly, She enjoys writing inspiring/non fictional articles - you can find them on my professional Instagram page @twinklethakkar93.

About Me

Ms. Sweta Dixit has pursued B.A in Psychology. She has achieved various certificates in courses like “Handling Problem Behaviors”., “Adolescence and Adulthood in  Autism”, The Verbal Behavior Approach : Teaching children with Autism”. She has been working as a shadowteacher assisting children with Developmental Delay, hence enabling smoother Inclusion for children with special needs.. She has been a very important link between the school and the child by keeping the school abreast of the child’s special needs . She also has been working as a life skills trainer for children with special abilities. She visits children at home and extends  methods of  a normal routine to a blessed child. She  has been working with Prayatna Early Intervention Program since two years now . Her expertize at Prayatna is to  teach Basic English and sentence formations along with spellings and vocabulary to children with Learning Disabilities.

Dr. Vishva Bhatt

About Me

Dr.Vishva Bhatt is a member of AIOTA branch of Gujarat. She has persued her bachlor's degree in Occupational therapy from K. P. Patel Institute of P.T & O.T, APMS, Anand.  

In addition, Dr Vishva Bhatt has achieved certificate course in Hand Splinting. Currently, she undertakes both individual and group therapy sessions. She also provides home visits for to client in special case.

Dr. Sapna Kamdar - Prayatna Counselling Staff

Ms. Sapna Kamdar

NUTRITIONIST (M.Sc Nutrition & Dietetics). 


About Me

Sapna Kamdar has been the Best Student and the Creativity Queen Award winner, she has spent almost a decade unraveling the mystery of food and its effect on health. 

She has worked for more than 5 years as a food researcher and nutritionist with Late Mrs. Tarla Dalal and also as a lecturer for 2 years in a renowned Home Science college in Mumbai. 
Currently She is practicing in Mumbai under the name "Health Optima, wellness for a lifetime". I am also attached to Sneh, RERC, a centre for special kids and “FitFood as a Nutrition Consultant. 


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Shweta Srivastav


About Me

I have done M.A in Psychology from Purvanchal University, Uttar Pradesh. I have about four years of experience in teaching with different organizations also coordinated with parents and updated their child’s development and performance as counsellor. I have practical exposure to the Nur Manzil Psychiatric Centre, Lucknow. Based on my Knowledge of child psychology, I can engage children and put their focus on learning techniques based on individual needs. Currently i am working with Prayatna as psychologist.